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All Of Creation is a Symphony

October 11, 2019

Wisdom of the Mystics All of creation is a symphony of joy and jubilation… Prayer is nothing but the inhaling and exhaling of the one breath of the universe. Saint Hildegard of Bingen The longer you study the saints and mystics you will see an overarching theme return again and again. We are all one. Sit in contemplation near a tree and you will start to sense the…

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Play and Pray First

September 1, 2019
Take down the dulcimer-Rumi

Art by Steven Ponsford TODAY, like every other day, we wake up empty and scared. Don’t open the door to the study and begin reading. TAKE down the dulcimer. Djalal ad-Din Rumi I love this quote by Rumi. I have it hanging from my refrigerator and try to remember the wisdom of this simple, yet profound verse. How often do we check our phones as we wake up…


A Poem- “Sacrament”

July 23, 2019
cedar forest earth blessings

Today I wanted to share a poem titled “Sacrament” by Erin Coughlin Hollowell. It is a mystical poem inspired by nature. How often have you felt the divine presence as you enter a forest and “will be witness to this endless sacrament.”? Meaning of Sacrament: Possessing a sacred or mysterious significance. I found this poem in the book “Earth Blessings” by June Cotner. The book is a collection…


Tribute to a Friend

June 30, 2019
Tool lateralus cover art tribute to my friend

I lost a good friend today. I wanted to write this post as a tribute to my friend. I’ve been thinking often about him. I only knew him for a short time probably for four months, but in that time I’ve learned a lot about him and his family. He was a native American man. He had two cute daughters, one seven and one two years old. The…


A Divine Love Song- Pearl Jam’s “Breathe”

June 20, 2019
Pearl Jam and the song Breathe

Today’s touch of God is from a piece of music by the band Pearl Jam. My wife and I have a band we both love. She’s not a fan of all the music I play too loud in the house, but we both love Pearl Jam. The room suddenly gets quiet when Eddie Vedder’s rusty beautiful voice makes its entrance. It’s like hearing an old friend knocking at…


Sacred Light in the Morning

June 17, 2019

What is it about the light in the morning on my commute that just draws me in? I remember reading from the book Anam Cara that “Ultimately, light is the mother of life…Light is the secret presence of the divine.” It’s the holy presence spreading out over the field, through the trees, glistening off the water drops and the birds and the insects and the deer. I find…