Sacred Light in the Morning

What is it about the light in the morning on my commute that just draws me in? I remember reading from the book Anam Cara that “Ultimately, light is the mother of life…Light is the secret presence of the divine.”

It’s the holy presence spreading out over the field, through the trees, glistening off the water drops and the birds and the insects and the deer.

I find it so warm and reassuring to see the light, especially after a cloudy day, you know, or maybe for whatever reason your spirits were down slightly, but with the coming of the sun comes a new bright, awakened day.

I feel more creative when it’s a bright sunny morning. Oh my goodness!

Do I want to just create! I want to soak up that divine experience, put it in a bottle if I could.

I can just sit and watch the glistening water reflecting the orange, reds and just infinite amount of colors playing and dancing on the water.

The sky too looks so deep Blue. You know that Azure blue that spreads out for Eternity.

I say a prayer of  gratitude and say thank you, creator! Thank you God.

Thank you sun, for lighting up our earth, giving us life, keeping us warm.

Allowing us to have those beautiful summers and the beautiful spring in anticipation of warmer weather.

The happy memories we make on such beautiful days with our family, loved ones with ourselves.

All of these things I give praise.

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