Spiritual Meditation inspired by Martin Luther

October 4, 2017
“God writes the Gospel not in the Bible alone, but also on trees, and in the flowers and clouds and stars.” ~ Martin Luther

I was greeted this morning by these beautiful clouds. They were not your everyday white, fluffy clouds but of the more mysterious variety.

I start my day with a big, hands over my head, reaching upwards stretch and a quiet “Thank you” to God.

The victims and families of those injured or killed in the Las Vegas shooting were on my heart early today. My heart aches for the pain they have endured, and I offer my prayers and compassion to the suffering.

These clouds reminded me of the mystery of God and how we don’t know why there is suffering and evil. There are no easy answers or solutions.

Today I offer up my prayers, like the clouds drifting upwards as they ascend into the heavens.

Reflection Questions

1. Where does God “write” the Gospel for you? Do you feel God in nature, in your children and loved ones, or in other sacred texts (Christian or from other faith traditions)?

2. Reflect on how this photo speaks to you? Does it encourage you to  think of the mysterious God or do other feelings rise up in your heart?

3. How do understand and explain evil and suffering in this world? What things can you do personally to make this world a more loving, and more compassionate place?

For an interesting biography of Martin Luther I would recommend the following:

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