Tribute to a Friend

Tool lateralus cover art tribute to my friend
artwork by Alex Grey

I lost a good friend today.

I wanted to write this post as a tribute to my friend. I’ve been thinking often about him. I only knew him for a short time probably for four months, but in that time I’ve learned a lot about him and his family.

He was a native American man. He had two cute daughters, one seven and one two years old.

The older girl is friends with my daughter, really best friends.

So I just feel like there must be such a loss for that family and for those little girls to grow up now without a father. He suffered financially. He got taken advantage of in a bad business deal and was trying to recover.

Whenever you experience the loss of another soul on this planet, it really does make you stop and question everything.

Why are we here?

Why am I here?

What is my purpose?

What was the purpose of his early death at only 37? What purpose was it leaving two little girls behind? How will they cope financially?

This makes me realize how important it is to hold and love your children every day because we are not guaranteed anything in this life.


Every day and night before I go to work, I always make sure to hug my children. To tell them I love them.

Did his daughter have any idea when he left for work to travel? That he would not be returning.

I miss my friend.

We had music in common. That was one of the main ways that we bonded. He was a great guitarist and a good singer. His daughter has a beautiful voice and could be a great singer when she grows up.

I don’t often write about money, but I don’t believe he had any life insurance and that is going to be so hard on a family. I want to help his family as much as I can. His little girls and his partner will all need help.

There is still such a feeling of disbelief. How could such a good man suddenly not be here among us?

I know someday I’ll see him again.

I don’t know in what form, how that will be, but our souls will recognize each other someday as friends.

My friend was able to see his favorite band play a few weeks before he’s passed away. His favorite band was Tool. He recognized the spiritual insights of their lyrics and we both talked about this when our families were all in the community pool together.

He talked about how listening to their music was often a spiritual experience. As a tribute, I want to share a video with lyrics to one of his favorite Tool songs, Lateralus. He told me this was the first Tool song he learned to play on guitar.

Lateralus by Tool

Rest in peace, brother Austin.

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  • I am so very sorry for the lost of your great friend Austin. This is a lovely tribute to him. I hope you can remain close to his family and be a lovely uncle for them. As I type this I am listening out of respect and as a tribute to Austin and your great friendship.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. Also, I appreciate you listening to the music he loved. Blessings to you!

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